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and Get Faster

Get early warning of burnout before it happens with smart training recommendations to get you back on track.

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New FTP Detected!

No More Testing

AI FTP Detection

Our AI leverages our 150,000,000+ ride database to continually discover trends and patterns about what makes you a faster cyclist.

The end result? No need to test!

Our AI will detect your FTP based on your entire inside and outside ride history; 极速赛车开奖结果一分钟开奖记录 75秒赛车开奖直播, and TrainerRoad rides.

AI FTP Detection has been perfect every time.

- Bloicey, TrainerRoad Athlete

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Rest Before It's Too Late

Get early warning of burnout before it happens. TrainerRoad predicts your fatigue before it happens and adjusts your training to make sure you stay on track and keep getting faster.

Outdoor group ride imported from Strava to TrainerRoad

Train Freely

Never feel locked into a training plan again. Your TrainerRoad plan will adapt based on your outdoor ride performances to keep you on track.

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Your training plan automatically adapts based on all of your activity types to avoid overtraining. Train inside, outside, virtually, run, swim and more.

Suggested rest day

Fatigue Prevention

Train guilt-free with a plan that assigns rest based on your fatigue levels to avoid overtraining and keep you getting faster.

Added 40 watts to my FTP and I’m feeling better than ever.

- App Store Review

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Get Faster With Adaptive Training

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Step 1: Train

Complete intelligently-recommended workouts on TrainerRoad or outside.

Connecting data points
Step 2: Analyze

After every workout, Adaptive Training’s AI analyzes your performance.

Progression Levels chart
Step 3: Adjust

Progression Levels adjust to reflect your current abilities and training progress.

Workout adaptations
Step 4: Adapt

Your upcoming workouts adapt to your Progression Levels to make you faster.

Adaptive Training






168开奖官网极速开号的赛车历史记录 75秒开奖网站 Builder

Get a custom plan that adapts to your performance based off your FTP, unique power profile and goals. Plus, you can do your workouts both indoors or outdoors.

You Choose
  • Your plan start date

  • Your event type

  • Days of the week you train

  • Days you train indoors or outdoors

Plan Builder Creates
  • Event specific training

  • Recovery weeks

  • Adjustments for vacation and time off

  • Event taper and openers

Something for Everyone

Plans for Your Specialty

Get faster with tailored training plans that continue to adapt to your performance and schedule.

  • Road Racing PlansClimbing Road Race, Criterium, Gran Fondo, Rolling Road Race, Time Trial

  • Triathlete PlansFull Distance Triathlon, Half Distance Triathlon, Olympic Triathlon, Sprint Triathlon

  • Off-Road PlansCross Country Marathon, Cross Country Olympic, Cyclocross, Gravity, Short Track, Cross-Country

  • Enthusiast PlansClimb Faster, Endurance, Group Rides, Body Composition, General Health


Masters Training Plans

Get faster with fewer intense workouts—perfect for older athletes, athletes with stressful jobs, and anyone else who can benefit from extra recovery.

  • Customized for Mature AthletesIdeal for those needing careful intensity management.

  • Balanced TrainingJust two days of intensity per week, versus the standard three.

  • Enhanced RecoveryDesigned for athletes with higher recovery needs.

FTP has come up from 232 to 259 in two months!

- Derek, TrainerRoad Athlete

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Comprehensive Training

一分钟极速赛车官方开奖结果-查询168赛车开奖直播 Calendar

  • Indoor & Outdoor Rides

  • Adaptive Training Plans

  • TSS® Graph

  • Planned Workouts & Races

  • Running

  • Connects to Strava®, Garmin®, TrainingPeaks®, Wahoo®, Final Surge®, TriDot®

  • Vacation/Travel Adaptations

  • Personal Notes

  • Custom Activities

  • Illness & Injury Adaptations

  • Drag & Drop

  • Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop

Your Personalized Coach

Training that adapts to your performance, schedule, and goals.

What Do You Want to Achieve?

Whether you’re targeting specific events or simply want to improve your fitness, our science-based training responds to your needs and guides you to success.

Ready to Get Faster?

Use science-based planning, training and analysis tools to increase your performance with cycling’s most effective training system.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Compare for Yourself

The Most 极速赛车 Training System

Whatever you want to achieve in cycling, TrainerRoad has the tools to get you there. No other app offers as many advanced features in such an easy-to-use interface.

4.9 (25k+ reviews)
4.1 (35k+ reviews)
4.1 (3k+ reviews)

Adaptive Training

Adaptive Training

Adaptive Training

Adaptive Training

AI FTP Detection

AI FTP Detection

AI FTP Detection

AI FTP Detection

Machine Learning Optimization

Machine Learning Optimization

Machine Learning Optimization

Machine Learning Optimization

Daily Workout Recommendations

Daily Workout Recommendations

Daily Workout Recommendations

Daily Workout Recommendations

Interactive Training Calendar

Interactive Training Calendar

Interactive Training Calendar

Interactive Training Calendar






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Workout Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

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